The Perfect Investment Location

By 2036, the City’s population is forecast to grow more than 35%, with employment increasing by 50% . So, it makes sense to explore current investment opportunities to optimise your potential future. Take a look at what’s on offer.

A Vibrant Economy

Economic diversity

Greater Geraldton is WA’s most diverse regional economy, supporting numerous industries, including:

Strategic linkages

We have strong strategic linkages with key export markets through embedded activities include:

Established infrastructure

Greater Geraldton supports a robust infrastructure network:

Innovation agenda

Greater Geraldton leads that state in its investment in innovation assets, programs and events:

Unrealised Potential

Greater Geraldton has plenty of upside, with a range of underutilised/untapped resources that represent opportunities for future international standard initiatives and investments in areas including:

Business friendly

Greater Geraldton provides strong institutional support for entrepreneurship through initiatives and enterprises including:

Major Projects

A range of state and nationally significant projects are underway throughout Greater Geraldton. These are as diverse as economy within which they exist, with projects including:

A full list of these projects can be found here.

The Geraldton Lifestyle

Our City offers a multitude of opportunities to enhance you and your family’s lifestyle experience: