About Progress Midwest

What we do

Imagine a globally recognised, self-sustaining, energy free, growing and resilient economy ‐ a strong regional centre in a strong region? We do...

At Progress Midwest we value collaboration, thinking win-win-win, getting stuff done, creating an impact and celebrating success. We encourage you to take a fresh look at the Mid West Region which is at the heart, the centre of Western Australia.

Investment and Development Concierge

Progress Midwest is the Region’s Investment and Development Concierge? Look no further! We are your one-stop shop to realising the potential of your projects in the Midwest.

Clustering for Growth

Focusing on the Growth Engines of the region, we are piloting clusters Marine Services; Horticulture and Tourism using the Cluster Development 12‐Step Process.

Our Investment attraction GOAL

To attract and facilitate investment from local, regional, national, and international players.

Our Strategies