Geraldton lies at the heart of a region with a diverse economy and many opportunities for agriculture, aquaculture, mining, tourism, manufacturing and infrastructure opportunities. Centrally located between Perth and Broome, in western Australia, the region has the potential to be a home for projects that build on existing strengths, as well as new and innovative enterprises.

With strong infrastructure and linkages to the Asia Pacific region, our clean and green reputation for efficiency and productivity ensures our produce and resources are highly sought after.

The Greater Geraldton community is inherently entrepreneurial, with the structures, resources and research to support new investors and projects. This includes a comprehensive Growth Plan, and a dedicated implementation agency, Progress Midwest, to drive this growth.

Greater Geraldton is open for business and Progress Midwest is the “front door” for investors and business seeking opportunities in Greater Geraldton and the Mid West Region.

The Geraldton Lifestyle

Vision for Change
  • We’re a powerful economy - the City is globally recognised as a “go to” destination for much sought-after niche food from land and sea, marine services and experiential tourism.
  • We’re a vibrant centre - our City Centre and foreshore are magnets for locals and visitors – richly imbued with our maritime heritage, distinctive local businesses, buzzing hospitality and frequent public and business events.
  • We’re creative and innovative - these values are our foundation for creating outstanding entrepreneurial opportunities. We’re an exciting and rewarding platform for new ventures in technology, horticulture, fishing, wind-related and resource industries.
Why Greater Geraldton?

Greater Geraldton has plenty on offer including:

  • a bountiful and refreshing place to live, work, invest and play.
  • a hotspot for fine food, maritime heritage and marine services.
  • a regional hub for goods and services, accommodation, heritage, events, transport and logistics.
  • an established international export hub for mineral and grain commodities.
  • a region with established and untapped resources, with enormous capacity for growth.
  • a single point of contact for investment enquiries and assistance.
Why Invest?

The perfect investment location:

  • Our diverse economy presents a wide range of opportunities for productive private and public investment.
  • The scale of projects ranges from start-ups to high growth enterprises and large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • A strong, local entrepreneurial culture providing opportunities for co-investors, enterprise partners, suppliers and advocates.