The Perfect Investment Location

By 2036, the City’s population is forecast to grow more than 35%, with employment increasing by 50% . So, it makes sense to explore current investment opportunities to optimise your potential future. Take a look at what’s on offer.

A Vibrant Economy

Economic diversity

Greater Geraldton is WA’s most diverse regional economy, supporting numerous industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Professional Services
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Light manufacturing and engineering
  • Wild and aquaculture fishing
  • Intensive and broad acre agriculture
  • Allied marine services
  • Retail
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transport and logistics
  • Health and education services

Strategic linkages

We have strong strategic linkages with key export markets through embedded activities include:

  • 3 formal relationships in China:
    • Zhanjiang City, Guandong Province, China
    • Zhoushan City, Zhenjiang Province, China
    • Linfen City, Shanxi Province, China
  • Global research linkages through hosting of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope – the world’s largest radio telescope designed to propel technological innovation.

Established infrastructure

Greater Geraldton supports a robust infrastructure network:

  • Well-developed road and industrial railways.
  • The second largest grain export terminal in Australia.
  • The closest general cargo/agriculture port to the emerging South East Asian food bowl marketplace.
  • Airport infrastructure with capacity for A320/B737 aircraft.

Innovation agenda

Greater Geraldton leads that state in its investment in innovation assets, programs and events:

  • The first regional partner connected to the National Broadband Network’s “Fibre to the Premises” platform.
  • Strong, diverse research and educational institutions, including Geraldton Universities Centre, CSIRO (SKA) Murchison Support Facility, Batavia Coast Maritime Institute, WA Centre for Rural Health.
  • The largest, most well-established innovation support programs in regional WA (including co-working spaces, business accelerator programs and entrepreneur support)
  • An Action Agenda for continuing to grow the innovation ecosystem, culture and investments (link to innovation action agenda).

Unrealised Potential

Greater Geraldton has plenty of upside, with a range of underutilised/untapped resources that represent opportunities for future international standard initiatives and investments in areas including:

  • Dedicated high capacity fibre linkage between Geraldton and the Pawsey Supercomputer.
  • Tourism at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands – designated a Mission Blue Hope Spot.
  • Designated Mid West aquaculture zone.
  • Readily available renewable energy including solar, wind, tidal and geothermal sources.
  • Substantial land-based gas reserves.
  • Diverse inland mineral reserves isolated from the coast.
  • Biomass sources with potential for biofuel production.
  • Rangelands with capacity for holding greater livestock numbers.
  • Opportunities for value addition / value chain completion.  

Business friendly

Greater Geraldton provides strong institutional support for entrepreneurship through initiatives and enterprises including:

  • Progress Midwest, a not for profit incorporated entity dedicated to growing the export economy of the Region, provides a one-stop “front door” for investors and business seeking opportunities within the Midwest.
  • Active local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Strong support for start-ups, entrepreneurs and accelerating commercialisation including spaces, training programs and venture support.
  • Strong relationships with Federal and State government industry and innovation support bodies.

The Geraldton Lifestyle

Our City offers a multitude of opportunities to enhance you and your family’s lifestyle experience:

    • diverse, culturally rich, skilled and entrepreneurial community.
    • high quality schools, sporting events and healthcare infrastructure.
    • attractive climate, stunning beaches and coastal amenities.