Gaps in the Marketplace

As a growing regional economy, opportunities are constantly emerging for enterprises to locally meet demand for new or existing business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and business-to-government needs. Extensive work has been undertaken to identify and quantify areas where there is such unmet demand within the Greater Geraldton market. These gaps, resulting in an estimated $1.2B in leakage of expenditure from the region per annum, exist across a breadth of industries including manufacturing, construction, wholesale trade, mining, and tertiary services. 

Local supply chain gaps exist in a number of sectors, the biggest being in the construction, mining and manufacturing sectors.  This results in significant leakage of expenditure from these sectors to other markets. These gaps have been listed in sector descriptions above, but further information on opportunities to address local needs can be found in the Greater Geraldton Leakage Study.

Greater Geraldton Leakage Study