Marine Services, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

Greater Geraldton contains a range of engineering and manufacturing enterprises involved in marine infrastructure production, prefabricated metal products and sheet metal products for a variety of export and domestic construction customers.

Businesses engaged in marine services can access high quality infrastructure at the fishing boat harbour, including 50- and 80-tonne boat lifting and hard-stand facilities.  

What’s more, all businesses benefit from the city’s skilled, specialised workforce, low input costs and proximity to industrial sites and communities to develop high margin niche markets.  

Opportunities have been identified to capture further value from local manufacturing supply chains in industries such as:

  • Fabricated metal manufactured products ($7.2m)
  • Polymer manufactured products ($2.06m)
  • Professional, scientific and technical services ($5.8m)
  • Professional, scientific computer equipment manufacturing ($1.8m)
  • Concrete product manufacturing (less than $300,000)
  • Structural metal ($3.9m)
  • Wood product manufacturing ($5.5m)
  • Sawmill products ($3.0m)
  • Glass and glass product manufacturing ($1.6m)

Geraldton's Maritime Network has demonstrated that it has the potential to be a world leader. Comprising of large and small companies, these companies provide employment and develop new market opportunities across many sectors.  Geraldton's maritime industry boasts companies that have been underpinned by the highly adaptive and skilled Geraldton workforce with the emerging services sector a vital part of the industry.  To see who they are and what they can do click here.

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Current investment opportunities in this sector include:

Narngulu Industrial Estate

Narngulu Industrial Estate is located 12km south east of Geraldton, close to Geraldton airport and connected to the Geraldton Port by major road and rail infrastructure. Situated close to other industrial amenities Narngulu Industrial Estate comprises of 4.5 hectares (available for purchase as whole or part) of unserviced vacant land that is zoned general industry.

Fulfilling a need for large-scale general industrial land in the Mid West region, Narngulu Industrial Estate (NIE) has been specifically designed to accommodate businesses requiring lots greater than 1ha. It is ideal for transport, logistics and manufacturing businesses, particularly those supporting the mining industry.

Businesses within the NIE benefit from easy access to Geraldton Port, Geraldton Airport and potential access to Oakajee Industrial Estate via the proposed Oakajee-Narngulu Infrastructure Corridor (ONIC)

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