Transportation and Logistics

Greater Geraldton is a hotspot for logistics enterprises due to our sophisticated transport and logistics grids, strategic location to major regional projects, and access to major ports and airports[1]. The continued growth of these services means that this sector will soon become Geraldton’s third largest regional export.

These businesses will continue to play an essential support role in the growth of import/export reliant industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining and construction, as well as providing services to national and international clientele.   

Opportunities have been identified to locally capture demand across transportation and logistics supply chains in industries such as:

  • Professional services, administrative services, and auxiliary finance and insurance services ($10.8m)
  • Fuels and oils, mechanical and vehicle components, and railway and rail components

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Current investment opportunities in this sector include:

Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area

The Oakajee project is planned to create a new multi-user port and associated Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) for strategic and downstream processing industries in Western Australia’s Mid West region. The Oakajee SIA is adjacent to the future port site and is connected to key existing and planned regional infrastructure. The Oakajee Port will be the Mid West Region’s next major port for the export of local resources such as iron ore and gas. Once fully complete the Oakajee Port will be capable of meeting the bulk export needs of the region. Land is available in the adjacent Oakajee SIA and will be allocated by the Department of State Development through a lease arrangement with LandCorp.

Along with the industrial core, the Oakajee SIA also includes a buffer (4,000ha) and general industrial areas (196ha) which may be used for support industries.

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Narngulu Industrial Estate

Narngulu Industrial Estate is located 12km south east of Geraldton, close to Geraldton airport and connected to the Geraldton Port by major road and rail infrastructure. Situated close to other industrial amenities Narngulu Industrial Estate comprises of 4.5 hectares (available for purchase as whole or part) of unserviced vacant land that is zoned general industry.

Fulfilling a need for large-scale general industrial land in the Mid West region, Narngulu Industrial Estate (NIE) has been specifically designed to accommodate businesses requiring lots greater than 1ha. It is ideal for transport, logistics and manufacturing businesses, particularly those supporting the mining industry.

Businesses within the NIE benefit from easy access to Geraldton Port, Geraldton Airport and potential access to Oakajee Industrial Estate via the proposed Oakajee-Narngulu Infrastructure Corridor (ONIC)

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Geraldton Airport Upgrade

Pavement upgrade and Extension of runway length to 2400 metres, to enable unrestricted operation of A320/B737 aircraft, and at least restricted operation of A330 aircraft – for tourism and airfreight development.

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Geraldton Airport Technology Park

The Geraldton Airport Technology Park (GATP) development is of substantial regional significance. Expanding over 60 acres the area will form a strategic hub for the Midwest region providing a range of aviation and non-aviation services and employment opportunities.

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